About Us

A Brief Intro

Before talking about us, maybe let me give you an insight of what our literacy level was pre- 15 years and above all how many people were financially literate; let me answer that for you guys, not much; it was devastatingly low. Yes, we are literate but do we still make an effort to pick up our papers or our phones or our televisions for that matter to switch on to the financial news. Rewinding to 15 years ago, we saw many people were still hesitant to put their money in the bank for the fear of security of it and we still see our elders storing money in their personal lockers at home. Businesses were scared of asking loans to the bank, investing in the stocks, attracting foreign investors and the most scary thing was to get into a business partnership or even hearing the word Joint venture. Why were we hesitant? Why did we not do the right thing and follow the change? 

Our Journey

These were the same questions that our Founder thought were important to be answered and that’s when Nova Scotia was established; right in the heart of Mumbai, where anyone who lacked the knowledge about their finances were welcomed with open arms. Albert Einstein had once quoted,”Strive not to be a success but rather to be of value”, living in this generation, I think everyone needs to focus on seeking wisdom rather than how to be successful. The business world at this rate even though it’s expanding, everyone wants to tear down another competitor and here is Nova Scotia trying to propagate financial literacy all over the world. Nova Scotia wants businesses to operate not only for profits but also to be about giving back to the society.

Our Mission & Vision​

Nova Scotia is a team of business and financial consultants providing startups and existing businesses with tools and means to run their operations smoothly. We provide financial solutions like attracting Foreign Investors, helping firms with Business Loans, Equity Funding, Joint Ventures and to mitigate the effects of NPA (Non-Performing Assets) on the business. We don’t discriminate against organizations based on the current state it’s operating in. We want businesses to grow and expand their horizons. Nova Scotia is not just based in Mumbai but we are a global brand operating in Dubai, Singapore and across Europe. It meant that we wanted to help organizations that were facing the backlashes of the business world not only in our home country but globally. 

Why Us?

In the moment of crisis, we hope you turn towards us for help. Nova Scotia has never let anyone down and we want to keep up our track record for that matter so in turn we’ll try our best to never let you down. We want you to just walk right in our door and feel comfortable with whatever mind boggling questions or doubts or any financial aid that you might need. We have a range of means and tools that we offer to anyone who requires Nova Scotia’s help. It’s not too late even to pick up that phone and contact us when you are in a difficult situation. Take that baby step and the entire team is waiting for you. The entire team has your back. The entire team of Nova Scotia is at your disposal.