Joint Venture

Joint Venture

You remember when we were young, we had group projects and there was this one guy who used to do all the work while the others took the credit. I guess this is the exact feeling an owner gets when he hears the word “Joint Venture”. 

A feeling of why did I agree to couple up with this partner, why should this one get all the credits for my work. But do you also remember the best group project you did with your friends and everyone pitched in to help with it? This is exactly why we are here and why you need our help. 

First let me tell you what is this concept of Joint Venture; according to Wikipedia, “A joint venture is a business entity created by two or more parties, generally characterized by shared ownership, shared returns and risks, and shared governance”. In layman terms, two or more individuals or firms come together and build one big company and brand ;they share everything with each other i.e. the profits, losses, equities and the management style.

Now sharing might not sound a great idea at the first go but if that partner is the right fit for your firm then why not. Finding a partner interested in a joint venture and is aligned with your values, your aim and even your management style then I think you found your business soulmate. And this is where we come in; Nova Scotia is a company that acts like your We find you the perfect match that fits into your company and doesn’t disturb the way you do business. They will guide and provide the resources for building a strong business and an innovative brand.

I think at the end of the day that’s all what a firm wants; their partners to be working in harmony and in perfect coordination. I guess now a joint venture doesn’t seem like the worst option in raising capital and building a company. It is always a matter of trust and taking a chance. So take that little baby step that brings you to Nova Scotia. Let Nova Scotia do the job of finding you the best partner you can ever have.

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