Differences in the Funding Stages of a Startup

Differences in the Funding Stages of a Startup

Funding stages can be done in four stages where every stage will only boost your company to make products or enhance the services you’re providing. 

It’s a slow process of pumping finance and raising capital of your firm. These stages help determine the growth and development process of your firm. So yes, these stages are quite important if you need that money to build your business.

Pre- Seeding Funding- Well, the first time of entering into the market, you can’t always get an investor in the first go so the help you get from your family, friends or your closest contacts are of utmost importance because not only they trust you but they are the backbone for your first baby step for building a brand.

Seed Funding- Now that your closest ones have given you the money, even if it’s enough to raise a little capital, you’ll definitely need the extra help to maybe launch your product or recruit people or develop the product and that’s where this funding will help you. 

Angel investors and Micro Venture Capitalists, your own little helpers, see the potential in your business and help provide you with the means to create more revenue and growth.

 Series Funding- Now this is where the big leagues come in; the super angel investors, the venture capitalists, hedge funds, banks and private equity firms want to be a part of your business. I guess you’re doing something right if bank wants to invest in your business. 

This funding helps you create more revenue, increases your market share, helps expanding and the most important one is to help outlive your competitors. This sounds so exciting; I guess you should consider starting a business right away.

The IPO- If you are here then congratulations, my friend. At this point of the funding your company shares are going to be listed on the stock exchange where the general public will invest in your business. 

Now that’s a news right; the entire world will know that there’s a new business in town and I guess you have successfully placed your business on the map.

It’s always going to hard and you’ll need all the help you’ll want during these phases so don’t hesitate to walk right through that door and ask help from Nova Scotia, the entire team is at your disposal if you truly want it.

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Differences in the Funding Stages of a Startup

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  7. Something very useful for new business entrepreneurs. We might get lost in these big competitive business world where it may be difficult to find someone who will help us or patiently answer our doubts. This blog elaborates funding in such a easy and understanding way.

  8. Bhargav Vaghela

    Your this post will be chang life for many people who like to startup own business but the problem is funding. Your post help them to how they got the funding and they will complete own dream. Thats very true it will be very hard to get funding while you get a startup ur business cause no one can trust in you your business thats a very big problem to get funding. If you take a loan from financial company or bank its very heard to take a loan and do all the process. But your post will help how to get a funding easily.

  9. As someone looking forward to create an opportunity in the future, this informative article on funding stage has helped me immensely. Keep up the good job, Nova Scotiya!

  10. Definitely managing finances that too during the startup stage becomes tricky and its really important to have a decent knowledge inorder to manage it efficiently.

  11. Well Well Well applause for this article,
    Well defined tricks and simply done
    Well done NOVA SCOTIYA

  12. Sameeksha Jain

    It is very informative and very useful for new business entrepreneurs. This blog explains about funding in very easy and comprehensive way.

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