Importers & Exporters Loan

Importers & Exporters Loan

Now while every country can be self sufficient with whatever they have, the beauty of today’s time is that everyone can have a taste of every culture around the world. 

Sitting in America, an Indian missing home can always go to a grocery shop and pick up a pickle bottle or someone missing peanut butter can purchase it from anywhere in the world and that’s only possible when there is an open flow of communication, transaction and trade that is established across the countries. 

And the main job of this international trading falls in the hands of the importers and exporters. They are the ones that bear most of the gains and losses when there is either a change in the international policy or in the currency rate and sometimes the loss of shipment during uncertain events that takes place during transportation.

Nova Scotia then thought that when they do such fantastic jobs of making our lives easier then why can’t we do the same for them. Hence Nova Scotia presents the perfect loan solution for them; the Importers and Exporters Loan. 

We provide them a range of loans like loan against export bills for collection, loan against to duty drawback receivable from the government or exports bills purchasing, discounting or negotiating. Nova Scotia also aids them in their packet credit loan and provides them with flexible interest rates for the loan. So let Nova Scotia make your life easier, you can always stay in touch with us for any information or queries.

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