Loan Against Securities

Loan Against Securities

The basic 101 in any loan is providing a collateral and in this situation your securities become your collateral. Now these securities can be in the form of shares, units or bonds. 

When you must have bought these securities you knew that they might come in handy one day and this is the best option to save your business from going down under. This facility provides you to take out a loan against these securities and provide you the capital to raise your revenue.

The benefit you seek from this facility is that you don’t have to pay any extra charges but just a little interest money to be paid from the principal loan amount that you have taken out. 

Now the best part about Nova Scotia is that we are all about helping firms raise their capital and generate profits and revenue. And we know that it is majorly important to help businesses to grow and expand; now this is exactly why Nova Scotia provides you the best loan against your securities with an interest rate that is nominal and affordable to your business. 

We don’t believe in overcharging businessmen and harassing them when they are faced with such a difficult crisis. Nova Scotia believes in building a network of companies that believe in the principle of growing together and building a healthy corporate world.

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