Loan Against Shares

Loan Against Shares

Well if you come from a financial background or if you are starting a business or even if you’re invested in the business world, you must have definitely put some money or invested in the share market for some added security or to gain more money as an additional source of income. 

Now you’re wondering what can they be of use over here and how is applying for a loan even related to these shares? I guess now is the right time that your shares are coming in handy. Your shares can be the perfect solution for you to obtain a loan. 

Loan against shares means applying a loan and keeping your shares as a collateral. That seems such a safe option right because it’s not like a residential or commercial property loan that would either turn you homeless or without a business.

The loan against your shares is the best way to go about to acquire a loan. Nova Scotia provides 80% of the value of your shares which is quite a lot of percentage. Your collateral can even be in the form of stocks, mutual funds, life insurance policies or bonds. 

With these wide range of options, Nova Scotia helps you reap the benefits of this loan instead of the added pressure that other financial institutions offer. Nova Scotia believes in growing and expanding businesses and strives to aid them in the time of crisis. So get your process done hassle-free and stress-free.

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