Non-Residential Property Loan

Non-Residential Property Loan

With every businessman coming up with their own innovative technology or products, it is usually regarded that these people are eligible for all the business loans out there. But what if you are damn good at your job? What if you just want to enhance your skill and basically turn it into a business?

 What if you are someone who is seeking out a loan for maybe not a business idea but to turn your job into a business? You may be a lawyer or a consultant or even a doctor, and yes do not hesitate to take that step and turn your career into a firm. You are eligible for a business loan and the loan you must consider taking is the Non Residential Property Loan.

Nova Scotia understands the struggle of such entrepreneurs because we being a consultancy firm, we know that there are not many schemes out there that are tailor made for professionals. So here is something that we are providing for anyone who wants to acquire a loan to build their workplace.

The services that Nova Scotia offers via this loan are

  • Loans for the purchase of a new or existing clinic or office.
  • Loans for the extension, improvement or construction of an office or clinic.
  • Loans for transferring your outstanding loan availed from another Bank / Financial Institution.
  • Expert legal and technical counseling to help you make the right property buying decision.
  • Attractive and affordable rate of interest.
  • Easy and hassle-free documentation.
  • Simple repayments through monthly installments.
  • Integrated branch network for availing and servicing the loan anywhere.

Nova Scotia aims to create such a comfortable and stress free loan journey for anyone who seeks the need for it. Making your dream job into a fully fledged operating firm is our utmost priority.

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