Looking for Potential and reliable Partners

Technology makes it so much easier to find your ideal business partners. In our experience, a combination of online and offline research proved more effective than just relying on one type of engagement.

1. LinkedIn. Compared to other social networking sites, the barrier to entry is higher in terms of just building your network on LinkedIn. Research for your potential Joint venture partners by narrowing your search engine down to a specific industry and location-based. Take some time reading through their profile and then choose.

2. Conferences and networking events. There’s nothing quite like meeting up with successful business people and getting to know some of the industry leaders in trade shows, business conferences, and networking events. We meet with a lot of business owners each week on our Vancouver Business Network events where we get to know their interests and how we can be of help.

3. Educational sites having free content. Ever wondered how content creators make good money without even spending anything on a physical store or product? It’s because they’ve got some talent that every business owner has always wished for and that talent is a huge list of highly targeted audiences. Blogs and YouTube content writers don’t just make money, but they’re even capable to attract huge crowds of people who are looking for a particular topic on the internet, also known as “inbound marketing.” This makes them extremely valuable. But partnering up with them to get commissions on every sale could be a beneficial deal. 

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