Understanding Joint Venture

Well, my method of doing business online involves joint ventures. Joint Venture, depending on your understanding of the term you may be thinking of something different that I’m not. I learned about joint ventures from initially practicing law and not merely relying on the Internet. I was so fascinated by ways and methods how the clients can easily be convinced when we set up deals that I already knew I’d never be satisfied simply if someone uses the convincing method as merely papering the details for them. Often the deals that are involved are related to real estate transactions, while others were associated with telecom ventures, marketing and licensing agreements, and many more. But no matter what the subject matter is related to, no one can deny the fact that a joint venture has one of the most important primary characteristics: It’s a win-win situation for everyone who gets involved.

Usually, joint ventures come into existence when two or more people or even companies realize that they can accomplish more of their business together rather than they can earn and expand separately. It’s a kind of pooling of talent, but on a specific project-based, where each player continues to pursue other ventures independently. This is the way it works in an online medium, too. The term “joint venture” has devolved into something that is much simple to understand in the Internet world or we can say in an internet marketing realm. It now has come to signify nothing more than a glorified affiliated program that is completely standardized and only differs from typical affiliated programs in that it is “private” or “invitation only.”

These Joint ventures have become so “exclusive” that we are often hit by too many emails from too many different people who are promoting the same product that is being launched, and there are even a few who end up as promoters just trying to one-up others with bonuses and extras offers as business deals. 

Now, before we start patting ourselves on the backs for being ahead of the curve, listen up. These people make lot of money and I’m talking about the amount that is approximately higher than six or seven figures per year. The traditional Internet marketers have got to be laughing their heads off over us and our stupid debates. They’re making millions of amount while we are wasting our time and energy with a bunch of long-winded whining schemes about people who are so desperate as to sell out for crumbs.

All I can say is, if you’re going to sell out, don’t sell cheap. Otherwise, I don’t have any time to waste thinking about these people and the companies that exploit them. So, getting back on track, essentially the Internet marketers are coming out to be strong into the world of social media, and they’ve got ample amount of money and they have become a whole lot more than just continuing their profession as business savvy than I’ve witnessed in many parts of the blogosphere.

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